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EdTech Prime Time 
A Global EdTech Perspective

EdTech Prime 2023

One Year Into GenAI & EdTech - What’s Next? 

Wednesday, October 25th

13:30 - 18:30

What About?

EdTech Prime Time 2023 will provide an outlook on the state of affairs of GenAI in the learning/education industry aiming to explore and provide relevant insights to EdTech stakeholders.
Edtech Prime Time is unique in enabling a global conversation between EdTech leaders and decision-makers, providing the ideal forum to facilitate collaborations toward meeting this urgent challenge.

A technological tsunami invaded our businesses, forums, work, and personal lives when generative AI (GenAI) became accessible to all on November 30, 2022. It is, today, the topic at hand due to its significant impact on information consumption.  GenAI has opened new possibilities for creating solutions that used t
o require a lot of time, effort, and expertise. As this technology becomes more accessible and widespread, we need to ask ourselves some critical questions.

Who Attends?

Education decision makers, Edtech startups, investors, industry and business leaders from around the world.


Startup Avenue (Extraordinary Companies) & Networking

Welcome by Hosts
1-year of GenAI, what has it done to the industry?
GenAI at the front of new development environment
EdTech Investment landscape in the Age of AI
The Startup Seismic Waves after November 30, 2022!
GenAI enabling a significant transformation of the system, towards where?


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