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ֿShaping the Future is an annual International EdTech Summit led by MindCET (the Innovation Center of CET, Israel's leader in technological-based educational solutions), in order to bring together all significant EdTech stakeholders and expose them to cutting edge technological trends that have the potential to significantly impact and transform education towards meeting the needs of the digital learner.


This 2022 summit focuses on the latest breakthroughs transforming learning time & space and leading the way towards the Education of the Digital Age. The dramatic world crisis triggered by COVID-19, re-defined educational needs, forcing a majority to become early adopters, and denouncing the unfair digital divide. It is urgent to explore, understand and develop new learning environments suitable for the new normal.
Influential High Tech Companies, world-leading Universities and R&Ds will showcase their latest developments, and leading thought-leaders from around the globe will provide the stage to deep reflections on how education should and can respond to the re-defined needs of the learner.


The Center for Educational Technology (CET) is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to the advancement of the education system in Israel and around the globe, developing in Hebrew, Arabic and English. In its 40 years of activity, CET has invested significant resources in carrying out its social mission, and has established its expertise and reputation as a content developer, introducer of advanced technologies and a leader of next generation learning. CET aims to promote innovative, creative and groundbreaking learning solutions that will address the future needs of the Digital learner.


MindCET is an EdTech innovation center, which brings together entrepreneurs, educators, learners and researchers to develop groundbreaking learning solutions. MindCET is an independent body, part of a non-profit organization, the Center for Educational Technology (CET). MindCET is in its 10th year of activity and is a world pioneer in bringing the entrepreneurial culture into the educational world. Today, it is globally recognized as a leader and an important reference to the Global EdTech ecosystem, leading relevant international ventures as well as offering alternative innovative solutions. MindCET plays a central role in all major world EdTech forums and works in partnerships with organizations alike, major universities, R&Ds, Hi-Tech companies, in order to explore, strengthen, and develop innovative and relevant pedagogical solutions that meet the needs of the new generations.

IEW_Style guide_2023.png

The Center Educational Technology (CET) together with its EdTech Innovation Center - MindCET host, every year, an encounter between EdTech stakeholders from around the globe, emphasizing the uniqueness of Israeli entrepreneurial initiatives, in order to expose the cutting-edge trends that will enable innovation to finally transform education.  During an intensive week, all participants will have the opportunity to learn, be surprised, get inspired, connect and develop partnerships to move forward with their endeavors. Moreover, the Israel Edtech week - IEW is acknowledged worldwide as an inspiring and significant engine for the growth of educational innovative initiatives and alliances towards a Global EdTech Market. EdTech stakeholders (innovators, investors, startups, educators, learners, researchers, culture-related institutions, governments and the educational industry) are provided with significant and relevant events according to their specific interests. IEW exposes leading innovative ventures from different industries, with potential to change learning and education towards definitely meeting the currently re-defined needs of the learner.


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