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MindCET   Yerucham 

Entrepreneurs & educators from all sectors join forces in order to ideate new solutions

Who's invited to attend?

Educational organisations and schools; educators, EdTech leaders, developers. Designers. Tech experts’ entrepreneurs, and visionaries.

Join us for an intensive, fascinating, and creative two-day Hackathon!

We will take off on an inspiring journey together with educational institutions who have already started changing the school day routines in order to make it stimulating, challenging, and Immersive!

Together, we will develop groundbreaking technological solutions to take our collective vision forward.

The hackathon is part of an extensive activity carried out by MindCET as part of the UNBOXING SCHOOL movement.

The movement's goal is to make a radical change within schools in order to develop and nurture independent learning, to adapt the pedagogy to the digital age, and to strengthen the educational frameworks as a fertile ground for learning.

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Entrepreneurs, Developers, Designers, Product managers and Learning designers


How can we address challenges and elevate the experience of your school's unexpected day ?

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